Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bleeding Words

The first of my regular monthly feature Bleeding Words can be found over at Hub magazine. Enjoy!


strantzas said...

Good article, and it answers some questions I always meant to ask you.

I will argue one point, and I'm sure it's one we won't agree on (just as I'm sure it's the one you expect me to argue): the time I personally spend on my blog talking about writing, in my eyes at least, is similar to your column here. Sure, it detracts from my fiction, but if one wants to build a "career" out of writing, then I think sometimes non-fiction writing is required.

Anyway, your schedule for writing and mine sync up pretty well. The only difference is by the time that 9AM shift starts, I'm often so tired I can't write much without falling asleep at the keyboard. I'm sure your secret is coffee or tea or some-such, but as I don't drink it I'm in a bit of a lurch. It's a constant battle, and as of late I've been trying different methods to keep me alert. No one solution, alas, but I'm closing in.

Gary Mc said...

Hi Simon. Thanks for reading the article.

In response to your point, the bloggers I meant are those who blog instead of writing. I know that you write more fiction than you blog, so that's a different kind of thing. Indeed, you could argue that your blogging is yet another example of honing and practicing of your craft, just another facet of it.

So, yes, I meant blogging as displacement activity.