Concrete Grove Novels

Beyond Here Lies Nothing
(Published by Solaris, 28 August 2012 US & Canada and 13 September 2012 UK)

Silent Voices
(Published by Solaris, April 2012)

The Concrete Grove
(Published by Solaris, July 2011)

"The Concrete Grove is a tense, ghoulish, creeping horror guaranteed to give you recurring nightmares! Brilliant characterisation, economic prose and with genius control of building tension, the climax of The Concrete Grove will leave you reeling! There's a new wave of brilliant horror writers - and McMahon's right there at the top of them."
- Andy Remic

"Gary McMahon is one of the finest of a new breed of horror writers. His work combines spare, elegant writing with an acute sense of the growing desperation felt by those having to deal with the crime and crumbling infrastructure of our urban centers. Illuminating these themes with a visionary's sense of the supernatural makes THE CONCRETE GROVE one exciting read."
- Steve Rasnic Tem

"Gary McMahon is a spellbinding storyteller. “The Concrete Grove” is as feverish and unnerving as it is gripping: a bleak orchard of humanity where you hardly dare to look at what dark things hang gleaming and winking in the branches of the trees."
- Graham Joyce

"This book is an outstanding mix of urban horror and dark fantasy, hints of King’s The Dark Tower series, hints of Holdstock’s pagan fantasy but above all the realisation of McMahon’s talents as the outstanding British horror writer of our times."
- The Black Abyss

"Here is a book with horror oozing out of its very pores and McMahon lumps it all altogether to give his readers something that is deeply unsettling."
- Graeme's Fantasy Book Review