Publication History



The Bones of You - DarkFuse (novel: paperback and eBook)

The End - Newcon Press (novel)

Reaping the Dark - DarkFuse


The Bones of You - Earthling Publications (novel: limited hardback)

Insides Out - Strange Aeons Magazine (ed; Ted Grau)

The Darkest Room in the Darkest House on the Darkest Part of the Street - For the Night is Dark (Crystal Lake Publishing; ed. Ross Warren)

The Old Church - Shadows Edge (Gray Friar Press; ed. Simon Strantzas)

Sometimes Everything Gets So Strange it Starts to Make Sense - Black Static (TTA Press; ed. Andy Cox)

The Horror - Horror Without Victims (Magazanthus Press; ed. Des Lewis)

Just Another Job - Urban Occult (Anachron Press; ed. Colin F. Barnes)

Nightsiders - Darkfuse (Novella; April 2013)


What We Mean When We Talk About the Dead - Shadows and Tall Trees 4 (Undertow Publications; ed. Mike Kelly)

it sees me when I'm not looking - A Season in Carcosa (Miskatonic Press; ed. Joe Pulver)

Beyond Here Lies Nothing - Solaris (Novel; September 2012)

Silent Voices - Solaris (Novel; April 2012)

Tales of the Weak and the Wounded  - Dark Regions Press (Collection)

Kill all Monsters - Shadows and Tall Trees 3 (Undertow Publications; ed. Mike Kelly)

Some Pictures in an Album - Chiral Mad (Written Backwards; ed. Michael Bailey)

That Last Day, Those Final Moments - Dark Light (ed. Carl Hose)

Road Flowers - Horror for Good (Cutting Block Press)

Give it a Name - Attic Toys (Evil Jester Press; ed. Jeremy C. Shipp)

Thus Spoke Lazarus - Alt_Zombie (Hersham Books; ed. Peter Mark May)

Straw Babies - Terrors of the Cotswolds (Gray Friar Press; ed. Paul Finch)


Along Life's Trail - Terrors of the Lake District (Gray Friar Press; ed. Paul Finch)

Getting Warm - The Monster Book For Girls (the Exeggerated Press; ed. Terry Grimwood)

Remains - Black Static 26 (TTA Press)

Dirty Story - 13 (Morpheus Tales)

It Knows Where You Live - Gray Friar Press (Collection, Limited Hardback; 2011 - SOLD OUT!)

El Camino de Rojo - Gutshot (PS Publishing; edited by Conrad Williams)

Dead Bad Things - Angry Robot/Osprey (Novel; September 2011)

Rain Dogs - Anarchy Books (ebook; revised re-issue of debut novel)

Everybody Floats - Alt_Dead (Hersham Books; ed. Peter Mark May)

The Concrete Grove - Solaris (Novel; July 2011)

Pull My Finger - Unspoken Water (ed; Ian Hunter)

Swallowed By The Cracks - Dark Arts Books (four-author anthology; April 2011: Creep; My Name is Natasha Putkin; The Ghost in You; A Night Unburdened)

The Ghost of Rain - Dark Minds (Dark Minds Press)

What They Hear in the Dark - Spectral Press (novella; January 2011)


Scenes From An Unfinished Film (reprint) - The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2010 (Prime Books; ed. Paula Guran)

Nowhere People (reprint) - Best New Zombie Tales (Vol.1) - (Books of the Dead; ed. James Roy Daley)

Dead to the World (reprint) - Zombies: The Recent Dead (Prime Books; ed. Paula Guran)

Pretty Little Dead Things - Angry Robot/Osprey (Novel)

We Are The Doorway - Where the Heart Is (ed. Gary Fry; Gray Friar Press)

Pieces of Midnight - Ash Tree Press (Short story collection)

Those Damned Kids - The Bitten Word (ed. Ian Whates; NewCon Press)

The Harm: A Polyptych - TTA Press (Novella)


Proof - Apparitions (ed. Mike Kelly; Undertow Press)

The Good, Light People - Strange Tales III (ed. Rosalie Parker; Tartarus Press)

Teen Spirit - Black Static (issue 14, along with "featured author" spot)

Dead to the World - The Dead That Walk (ed. Stephen Jones)

Hungry Hearts (novel) - Abaddon Books

Different Skins - (Screaming Dreams)

A Shade of Yellow - Dead Souls (ed. Mark Deniz; Morrigan Books)

Through the Cracks - The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20 (ed. Steve Jones)

Survivor Guilt - The BFS Yearbook 2009

Strange Scenes from an Unfinished Film - Cerne Zoo (Nemonymous 9)
Love Is In The Air - The 4th Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)

The Chair - Black Static (issue 10)


Gaining a Loss - Midnight Street, issue #10 (ed. Trevor Denyer)
Black Glass - The 2nd Black Book of Horror (ed. Charles Black, Mortbury Press)

Brutal Spirits (Haunted Histories chapbook, Swan River Press)

Guidance - Bound For Evil (Dead Letter Press)

Once a Month, Every Month - Doorways Magazine (Doorways Publications)
Seen Through Flame - City Slab Magazine

Slap - Black Static (TTA Press)

Takeshi's Last Symphony - The 3rd Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)

Rain Dogs (novel) - Humdrumming

Pumpkin Night - The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 19 (ed. Stephen Jones)

Hum Drum - The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: 21st Annual Collection (ed. Ellen Datlow)

Seen But Not Heard - The 2nd Humdrumming Book of Horror (Humdrumming)

How to Make Monsters (collection) - (Morrigan Books)

We Fade to Grey (as editor and contributor) - (Pendragon Press)
The Shallows - Horror from the Closet (Dark Scribe Press)

Brokenback Isle - Shades of Darkness (Ash Tree Press)

Under Offer - Hub Magazine


Nine Lives - Love & Sacrifice (ed. Robert Pratten; Zen Films)

All Your Gods Are Dead (novella) - Humdruming

Something in the Way - Bare Bone #10 (ed. Kevin Donihe; Raw Screaming Dog Press)

The Sand King - All Hallows (ed. Barbara Roden; Ash tree Press)

For Future Presentation - Trails of Indiscretion (ed. Brian Koscienski; Fortress Publishing)

Wolf Dreams - Into the Dreamlands (ed. Jason Andrew and Michael Dyer; Simian Books)

The Shallow House - Lighthouse VII (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Family Fishing - The Black Book of Horror (ed. Charles Black; Mortbury Press)

Dirty Prayers (collection) - Gray Friar Press

My Grandfather's Ghosts - At Ease with the Dead (ed. Barbara and Christopher Roden; Ash Tree Press)


Distinguishing Marks - Nocturne 3.5 (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Haunted cinema 33: Session 9 (article) - All Hallows (ed. Barbara Roden; Ash Tree Press)

Nowhere People - Supernatural Tales 10 (ed. David Longhorn)

Day of the Mask - Gods and Monsters (ed. Jason Andrew and Michael Dyer; Simian Books)

Save Us All - Dark Doorways (ed. James Cooper; Prufrock Press)

Intro: What My Writing Means to Me - Dark Doorways (ed. James Cooper; Prufrock Press)

Poe Pourri - When Graveyards Yawn (ed. Sean Wright; Crowswing Books)

Rough Cut (novella) -Pendragon Press

I See a Darkness - Lighthouse VI Stephen King Special Issue III (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

An article on the Jamesian model in modern fiction - The Ghosts and Scholars Newsletter Issue 10, September 2006

Meg O'Green Weeds - Beyond the Borderland Issue #2, December 2006 (ed. John B. Ford and Steve Lines; Rainfall Books)

The Knocking - Thrilling tales of Fantastic Adventure Issue #1, December 2006 (ed. John B. Ford and Steve Lines; Rainfall Books)

Interview with the author - The Faculty of Terror by John Probert (Gray Friar Press)


Long Lost Weekend - Fusing Horizons #5 (ed. Gary Fry)

Razorface and Knucklebone - Lunar Harvest (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Slow Train to Dawn - Nocturne 2 (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Wet Nurse - Lighthouse IV: Stephen King Special Issue I (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Just Up Ahead and Off the Road - Lighthouse V: Stephen King Special Issue II (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

The Forgotten Prisoner - Potter's Field (ed. Cathy Burburuz)

A Grown Woman - Bare Bone #7 (ed. Kevin Donihe; Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Why Ghosts Wail: A Short Memoir - Bare Bone #8 (ed. Kevin Donihe; Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Like a Stone - Bernie Herrmann's Manic Sextet (ed. Gary Fry; Gray Friar Press)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Poe's Progeny (ed. Gary Fry; Gray Friar Press)

New Science - Nemonymous 5 (ed. Des Lewis)

Making Room - Whispers of Wickedness, Autumn 2005 (D Press)

Unicorn - Here & Now (ed. Jenny Barber; Braden Press)

Estate of the Nation - Midnight Street Issue 4, Spring 2005 (ed. Trevor Denyer)

Amicus Homunculus - Scifantastic Vol 1, Issue 2 (ed. Sarah Dobbs)


Our Kind - Bare Bone #5 (ed. Kevin Donihe)

Her Sister's Dance - Maelstrom Volume 1 (ed. Paul Calvin Wilson; LMO)

Breaking Hearts (chapbook) - D Press

My Burglar - Nemonymous 4 (ed. Des Lewis)

Monsoon Warning - Whispers of Wickedness, Summer 2004 (D Press)

Family Unit - Whispers of Wickedness, Autumn 2004

Alternatives - Jupiter: Himilia, Autumn 2004 (ed. Ian Redman)

The Makeshift - Thirteen, August 2004 (ed. Andrew Hannon)

Bill and Rob's Big Score - Dark Corners #2 (ed. Tim Johnson)

The Man in the Chimney - Fusing Horizons, Spring 2004 (ed. Gary Fry)

The Great Wall - Fusing Horizons, Summer 2004 (ed. Gary Fry)

Lay by My Side - Fusing Horizons, Autumn 2004 (ed. Gary Fry)

In a Dark Corner - Black Petals #28, Summer 2004 (ed. Kenneth James Crist)

The Burning Place - The Horror Express #3, Winter (ed. Mark Shemmans)
Takeaway - Blood Moon Rising, March/April (ed. Shoshana Strier)

Out on a Limb - Acquainted With The Night (ed. Barbara and Christopher Roden; Ash Tree Press)


The Forever Doll - Fusing Horizons Issue 1 (ed. Gary Fry; Gray Friar Press)


Long Buried - Roadworks: Tales from the Hard Road (ed. Trevor Denyer)


Neighbours - Nasty Piece of Work (ed. David A. Green)