Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixed Blessing

So I just handed in the manuscript of Hungry Hearts to my editor, and I feel well...a bit weird.

It's great to hand over a 94,500 MS so that the editing process can begin, but I'm already missing the world I created and the characters I put in it. I miss Rick and Sally, and even crazy Daryl - a man I most certainly would not want to meet in real life. I even miss my dead folk, and that's a bit scary.

I'm proud of what I've achieved with the novel. It's a full-tilt pulp zombie story, but can also be read as an allegory for adultery and the emotional turmoil it brings. I've sweated blood on this thing, but all that hard work paid off today when I hit "send" and handed over my terrible mutant baby.

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Simon said...

Congrats Gary! Looking forward to seeing this one on the shelves.