Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apparitions anthology

My story Proof will appear in the anthology Apparitions, to be published by Mike Kelly's Undertow Books imprint.
I'm very proud of the story. It's one I wrote almost two years ago now, but it marked what I consider a significant step up in terms of both quality and approach. Proof represents a personal milestone in my work. It is - I hope - a subtle, moving ghost story and a meditation on the nature of grief. I want it to make you cry as well as haunt you.


Lincoln said...

Ordered this today - great cover, great line up. Congrats, Gary.

Michael Kelly said...

Thank, Gary! And I agree -- it`s a great tale.

Ross Warren said...

I've put this on the list for next pay day.

Any update of Different Skins?

Gary Mc said...

Thanks, Ross - you are a gent.

As for Different's being laucnhed at FantasyCon in September. Are you attending? be great to have a pint with you.