Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, yeah, and I didn't win any awards...

Four British Fantasy Award nominations, zero wins. Surely that must be some kind of record. Can I at least have an award for that?

No? Okay, then. It was worth a try.

Congratulations to those who did win, of course, but amid the trumpeting of the winners, I'd just like to share my commiserations with my fellow losers - especially Paul Meloy (who got my vote) and Simon Bestwick (whose name was mistakenly left off the printed nominations list so didn't even get to hear it read out).


Nemonymous said...

Commisertaions, Gary.

I voted for the Meloy, too.
But the collection category was very strong (and I would have loved any of them (McMahon, Bird, Samuels, Meloy) to win, including the one that did win! - except King that I hadn't read!) and also it should have included Stranzas' Beneath The Surface and Terry Grimwood's The Exaggerated Mn.

Gary Mc said...

Yep, a very strong category. As were they all, this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to say that I thought 'Survivor Guilt' was excellent. I think there's something inherently scary about CCTV footage... almost as if it's deliberately grainy and murky and jerky and unclear.

All the best,