Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hungry Hearts gets a cracking advance review HERE

Different Skins has also been reviewed by the inimitable Des Lewis HERE

And Matt Fryer gives a lovely review of Different Skins right HERE

A nice review will appear in Morpheus's an extract:

"I was shaken putting this book down, mentally and emotionally shaken. Reading the first story made me feel alive, reading the second made me feel empty. It is that power that I search for as a reader. It is the quality of the production and the contents of this amazing collection which pushes it beyond insubstantial things like money, it's like the Lord of the Rings, Anansi Boys, The Thief of Always, Weaveworld. reading this book is an epic experience that will touch you in ways that few experiences can."

© COPYRIGHT January 2010 Morpheus Tales Publishing (Quoted with permission)


Simon said...

Fecking brilliant, brother! And well deserved. Both books kicked ass.

Gary Mc said...

Despite the typos. ;-)