Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birth of a Novel: Part 1.


"Deep down, even when she was much younger, she had always known that her father had a hidden life – one even more degraded than the one he let her see at home."

So I thought I might use this here blog to chart the progress of the first draft of my new novel, DEAD BAD THINGS. The advantages of this are twofold: it forces me to update the blog on a regular basis, and hopefully by doing this I can inspire myself to keep chipping away at the novel.

The first five chapters are down, and they're not bad. I'm pretty pleased with how the early stages of the book are developing, and the plot is slowly beginning to twist and turn and mutate into something interesting. This is a sequel to PRETTY LITTLE DEAD THINGS, but where the first book was a first-person narrative this one is a mix of first and third-person perspectives. It happened this way naturally; a progression. Other characters demanded to be heard, and their stories couldn't be told through the main character Thomas Usher's perspective - indeed, he is no longer the main character at all.

The early parts of a novel are both frightening and exhilarating. The Fear grasps you by the balls; you doubt that you're up to the task. But also you are filled with an enormous sense of...well, adventure. Where will this all take you, and who might you meet along the way?

Current wourd count: 18,000 words


Phantom of Pulp said...

Is this the opening paragraph, Gary?

It's excellent.

Sets the tone.

Creates a craving to know more.

Gary Mc said...

No, just a line from the chapter I was writing at the time: hot off the press. I'm going to start each new blog posting with a tiny slice of the work-in-progress.

Thanks for the kind words! :-)