Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Horror Convention 2010

As threatened, here's my official timetable for the World Horror Convention in Brighton, 25th-27th March 2010:

  • Thursday 25th, 7-8pm: New Blood
I'm sitting on this panel, moderated by my chum Steve Duffy. Should be fun. At least for somebody.
  • Friday 26th, 2-3pm: Ash Tree Press singing/book launch
Ash Tree Press are launching no less than five books, by me (Pieces of Midnight), Steve Duffy, Paul Finch, Simon Kurt Unsworth and Lawrence Connolly.
  • Friday 26th, 3-4pm: NewCon Press launch The Bitten Word
Ian Whates' Newcon Press will be launching this vampire anthology which contains (among others) my story Those Damned Kids. More signing; my wrist will be killing by this point.
  • Sunday 28th, 11-11:30am: Reading
An ungodly hour for a reading, but that's what I'll be doing. Reading (aloud, of course - anything else would be silly. I mean, imagine turning up to sit and watch me reading quietly in a corner. You'd demand a refund. If you'd paid. Which you won't be.). Possibly an extract from my new novel and a short story - if time allows for both, anyway.


I'm really looking forward to the event. it should be a lot of fun (and very tiring). The big draw for me, though, is the possibility of meeting Dennis Etchison, who's one of my literary heroes. God knows what I'll say to the man - I'll probably just drool and gibber like an idiot.

I'll be hanging around in the bar and the dealer's room for much of the weekend, as well as attending as many of the panels as I can, so please come up and say hello. I'd like to meet as many people as possible: I'm a pretty sociable chap!

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