Monday, July 12, 2010

Dead Bad Things - first draft finished

Okay, I'm sorry but I abandoned the regular bogs about working on my current novel. I hit a sticky patch in the project and focused on fixing that rather than updating this blog/website.

The good news is, though, that the first draft is now complete. I have a beta reader looking at the novel for a critique (feedback so far: it's very, very, very dark) and need to hand in the MS to my publisher on August 1st. Gulp.

In other news, the family and I have just moved house. We now live in a large 100-year-old stone terraced house, and I have my own study. It's something I've always wanted - space of my own in which to write - and we're all very happy about the move.

I'll try to blog more regularly from now on (my silly experiment proved that people actually do read this website).

That's all (for now), folks!

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