Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Harm...another good review.

I've just discovered a wonderful review of The Harm:

The Black Abyss reviews The Harm


Zakgirl said...

I'm commenting here instead of up there on that crass tricky, (I Rub my Nipples When I Listen to Britney Spears Records), trick to get me to go to your site.

I visit your site, I just don't always make comment. I visit when you say something interesting and sometimes I visit just to see if you've said something interesting but since you haven't been posting since June ~ sort of forgot to visit but now that you're blogging again ~ well you get the idea!?

So, no, leaving such an image with your readers doesn't get them to visit because they don't appreciate that sort of image, but then again... Hmmm, have to think about that. Great to see your blogging again. Keep it up!


Gary Mc said...

Ah, there you are...I thought I'd accidentally deleted this comment.

Thanks, Zakgirl...much appreciated. I promise to blog more regularly. :-)