Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FantasyCon timetable and other bits and pieces

This Friday it's FantasyCon - a booze-soaked gathering of genre writers, publishers and fans in a seedy hotel in Nottingham. I have a reasonably full dance card this year, so for anyone who's interested here's what I'll be up to:

I arrive around 6pm on Friday, so have kept my time open and will be in the bar socialising and talking bollocks. Then it's down to business...

Saturday 18th September

10:30am - Reading
1pm - The End of the Line launch & signing event (Solaris)
2pm - Never Again launch & signing event (Gray Friar Press)
4pm - Cinema Futura launch & signing event (PS Publishing)

Sunday 17th

10:00am - Panel: What's New - how important is originality in horror fiction? (Me, Mark Morris, Rio Youers, Tom Fletcher and Joe D'Lacey.)

I hope to see some familiar faces, and meet some new ones in the bar!

In other news, I've been interviewed here by Alan Kelly: Q&A


Mark West said...

Cracking interview, Gary and although I never thought of it, Paddy Considine would be absolutely perfect!

Gary Mc said...

Thanks, mate. I actually had a younger Robery Carslyle (as he looks in the gangster film FACE)in mind when I first created the character of Thomas Usher, but now I see him as either Roth or Consadine. Roth's character in the excellent TV show LIE TO ME is actually pretty close to how I imagine Usher - that slouching walk, the cynical manner, the emotional coldness.