Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I'm trying out a little experiment.

I've formatted and converted a novella of mine, In the Skin (originally published in paperback by, and still available from, Screaming Dreams as part of a two-novella collection), to Kindle format and plan to sell it on Amazon. Just to see what happens - to see how many copies it actually sells.

If the experiment is a success, I'll make more of my work available this way - back catalogue stuff, and probably some brand new, unpublished work. But it all depends on how this one flies.

Let's do it.


Frank Zubek said...

Its an untapped gold mine in Ebookery-land. Especially for someone with an established 'name' like yourself.

I myself have a few things on Kindle but I'm still 'new' to literature so I'm not making as much as I had hoped-- yet. Still, it's enough to make some of the monthly utility bills. With a bit of self-marketing you can probably make a good bit of bank from it and grow from there. Good luck!

RossWarren said...

How tricky did you find the process? I'm looking to get the Dark Minds Anthology released through the kindle store as people might be more inclined to take a chance on an e-book verion.