Monday, March 28, 2011

Swallowed by the Cracks - Preorder Now!

Follow the link to Dark Arts Books and you can pre-order this volume now. It won't be available on Amazon until May, and the official launch isn't until the end of April.

Four stories of mine appear alongside cracking tales by Michael Marshall Smith, Lee Thomas and S.G. Browne - very fine writers one and all.

My stories are are follows:

Creep - a woman spends her entire life feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Maybe she's right. Tonight she'll find out the truth.

The Ghost in You - an emotionally powerful novelette about the ghosts that live inside us all, and the weird powers that dwell behind them.

A Night Unburdened - a pizza delivery boy gets more - and less - than he bargained for when he visits an old schoolteacher he once had a crush on.

My Name is Natasha Putkin - a trapped young woman reaches out to us all in a series of missives written from somewhere deep inside her personal darkness.

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