Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Bit of a Ramble Through my Head

So I'm currently around 48,000 words into Silent Voices, the second novel set in my beloved Concrete Grove. It's a good feeling, mostly because at the 30,000-word mark I feared that the whole thing had stalled. But I put my head down, worked as hard as I could, and got the novel going again. Brute force combined with a belief in what little talent I might actually possess got me over the hump.

Today I had an idea for a novella featuring my character Thomas Usher - the reluctant psychic from my novels Pretty Little Dead Things and Dead Bad Things). I didn't ask for this idea to come along and disturb me; it gatecrashed the party, demanding to be heard. I outlined the novella during my lunch break, and plan to write it at the same time as the novel, using it to provide me with a breather from my hours spent in the Grove. I have no idea where I might send this when it's done, I'm not writing it with a market in mind. The story just wanted to be told.

Meanwhile, outside, the weather turns from bright, hot sun to dim skies, rain and heavy clouds. Summer in Yorkshire: the kind of weather that demands a horror story...


Nathan said...

I'm reading The Concrete Grove now and loving it. I haven't read the Usher books yet. I'll have to correct that with Amazon.

Cool, rainy weather: it sounds like heaven to me, my friend.

Gary Mc said...

Hey, thanks, man - I really appreciate that.

I also get really nervous when writers I admire tell me they're reading something of mine... :-/