Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was bemused and flattered to find The Concrete Grove on the long list for the Guardian's Not the Booker prize 2011 awards, and at the behest of my publisher I'm pimping the hell out of it.

The full long list can be found here:

To vote (and perhaps make a gritty little horror-fest win this respectable prize), go here:

Voting seems to be a bit of a fart around, but if anyone is up for it, it would be nice to get at least one vote on the board.

Meanwhile, here's another cracking review of the book:

There's also an excellent review in the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine.

Also, just in, is a tremendous review of Pretty Little Dead Things by Stanley Riiks. This might just be the best review I have ever had:

"Never, in over twenty years of reading horror, have I been so intensely disturbed by a novel."
- Stanley Riiks (on Pretty Little Dead Things)


Anthony Watson said...

Congratulations on the nomination - thoroughly deserved, it's a great read.
By way of support for your pimping, I've posted up a review on my blog:

Anthony Watson said...

Congratulations on the nomination, very much deserved - it's a great read.
By way of supporting your pimping activities, I've posted a review on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. 'The concrete grove' is my favorite book of the year so far. You have my vote.