Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Limited Edition Short Story Collection

It Knows Where you Live

 by Gary McMahon

The modern world is a place ripe with fears. The city, the suburbs, and even the fringes of the countryside: all present opportunities for unease. The way people act when they are together, or when they are alone; the beats, the pauses, and the words we use to communicate reveal a primal darkness at the heart of the modern human experience.

And whatever this darkness is, it knows where you live . . .

In these fifteen tales, acclaimed horror author Gary McMahon casts a light into the shadowy corners of contemporary life, and brings those fears to the page.

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The origin of this book was an email conversation I had with Gary Fry, the man behind Gray Friar Press. We were having a bit of banter and I suddenly pitched him a short collection (around 50,000 words in total) of stories based around the theme of "modern unease". I didn't think he'd go for it but and he said yes. That was pretty cool; the quickest acceptance I've ever had. The man's a lunatic - but in a  good way.
There are fifteen stories here, thirteen of which have never been published before. The majority of the tales were written specifically for this volume.
It Knows Where You Live will only ever be published in this format: it's a one-off project. No POD paperback, no ebook edition...just 100 affordable hardback copies, numbered, flat-signed, and each with an ominous little slogan hand-written in the front by me. There's an author's foreword, story notes in the back, and the cover was designed by Gary and myself - this involved lengthy emails, images sent back and forth, and even the occassional argument over which direction to take the design.
I think it worked out just fine.
The books are already selling fast. So if you'd like one, hit the above link and reserve a copy...before it's too late. Before it forgets where you live.

"When the man was finished he stood up and moved away from the bed. Katie’s body looked like a mistake, a messy little error. Her eyes bulged from her slackened features; her skin was the colour of moonlight."



Mihai A. said...

One is already mine ;) I can't wait to see it arrive in my mailbox (and read it too) :)

Unknown said...

Ordered a copy :)