Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flash Fiction

A few years ago I wrote a silly little flash fiction to entertain my friend Gary Fry. The piece went on to be published in a weekly flash fiction email 'zine. Even now, the story makes me smile. So here it is, presented for your amusement:

Gary McMahon

Earl knew that he shouldn’t open the anonymous email; he’d been warned enough times by the office I.T. people about viruses and Trojan Horses. But still he couldn’t resist. His finger hovered over the plastic mouse, and in turn the cursor on the screen jittered over the message.

Smiling, he clicked it open. Just like he knew he would.

The sender was unknown. The subject line read: Open this and you’ll get a Huge Johnson!  There was no message inside. Not even a link to some cheap Asian website selling Black Market Viagra or diet pills. Just a blank page.

Travelling home later that day, he’d already forgotten about the incident. But when he opened his front door the Huge Johnson was waiting for him in the hall. And it looked hungry.

(© Gary McMahon 2012)


Unknown said...

Ha I enjoyed that. Like a quick flash of Matheson.

Mix Entertainment said...

Hi its really nice.Thanks for sharing...