Thursday, March 17, 2016

Write Now

Today I created a new Word document called White Fingers (the original title was simply Fingers, but I've expanded on that). I've written about 500 words of this new project. It's my version of a crime story - let's call it "domestic noir" - something that's been in my head for a few years and refuses to go away.

I decided to start writing it now because I've been stuck on my haunted house novel for a couple of years and am beginning to suspect that I'm using it as an excuse not to write.

An excuse.

That's pretty bad form, if I'm honest (and I always am here, often to my detriment).

So now I've taken away that excuse and all that's left is my desire to write. is it strong enough to help me persevere, or has it faded to a point that I can no longer sustain the demanding, exhausting, painful act of writing a novel?

One thing's for sure: it'll be an interesting challenge, one I'm rather excited about.

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