Saturday, June 4, 2016

Raised by Horror

A few cinematic images that haunted, and enriched, my early years:

Rednecks taking potshots at stumbling zombies in a distant field, a rabid woman attacking a commuter on a Canadian subway, a leather-clad warrior driving a bus loaded with sand, a chainsaw pirouette, a dead old woman tied to a chair in a desert as bait for mutant cannibals, a disfigured boy rising out of a lake, garden shears slicing off fingers in a chiaroscuro montage, a vampire child scratching at a closed window,  a monochrome Creature walking backwards into a room, Lugosi's venal smile, an armpit sprouting a penile fang, a chitinous black mask with an asthmatic voice, Rathbone striding across a misty moor, a thin-faced Van Helsing sprinting across a long table to tear curtains from a window and let in sunlight...

Man, I was raised raised by horror films.

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