Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Story Sales

So I've sold a couple of new stories.

The first one is for a long-in-gestation anthology that I think is to be titled The Porcupine Boy & Other Anthological Oddities (that's what it says in the contract, anyway).

The story I wrote for this one is called Outside. It's a piece I first attempted several years ago, and then put it aside because it didn't feel as if I'd quite achieved what I wanted to. When I was thinking about an idea for this project, I took another look at the story and something clicked - I rewrote it, and managed to get it right this time. The story is about urban dread and paranoia.

The second story is a reprint of Strange Scenes from an Unfinished Film, which will appear in Nightmare Magazine.

In other news, a UK small press whose work I admire is looking at my new short story collection - provisionally titled Some Bruising May Occur. I'm pretty excited about this, and if they take it on it'll be my first collection since 2013.

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