Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Making Monsters

Just a little reminder that my latest collection is available now:

How to Make Monsters

Consisting of 14 stories, half of them original to the collection. The book was officially launched at last weekend's British Fantasy Convention, and seemed to go down well.

A couple of quotes received this week:

"lean and focused and unsparing"
- Joel Lane

"Fucking devastating. This is a really brilliant collection...fully expect to see it on next year's BFS shortlist."
- Simon Bestwick


Since the dawn of mankind, we have always made our own monsters: the terrors of capitalism and corruption, the things between the cracks, the ghosts of self…terrible beasts of desire, debt, regret, racism…of family ties, and the things that get in the way of our aspirations…the familiar monsters of our own faces, of tradition, rejection, and the darkness that lives deep inside our own hearts…

Can you identify the component parts of your own monster?

Can you afford to pay the dreadful price of its construction?

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