Sunday, April 5, 2009

Captain Nemo(nymous)

I'm pleased to announce that I've just sold a story to Cern Zoo, the next issue of the weird and wonderful series of Nemonymous anthologies. Not telling you which one it is; you'll have to try and guess.

Even more pleasing is that fact that today I finished the first draft of a 12,000-word story I've been wanting to write for about ten years. Safety Dance is an autobiographical and anecdotal ghost story about a certain time and place where I grew up: northern England in the 1970s.


Grant Wamack said...

Congrats Gary.

Paul Campbell said...

Hi Gary,

The 'lost' Prism review of How to Make Monsters is now in the Spring edition of the publication (mine's arrived today!).

Of course, after the notice Black Static gave your book Prism's review doesn't amount to a hill of beans! ;-D

All the best!

Gary Mc said...

Thanks, chaps.

Paul - I just wish that great reviews led to great sales. :-/

John L Probert said...

'Safety Dance' hasn't got anything to do with that Men Without Hats song has it? ;->