Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who is Thomas Usher?

His name is Thomas Usher. A normal man. An average guy. Until he is involved in a tragic accident and his wife and daughter are killed…

After that, things begin to change. Usher is no longer normal. Or average. Now he can see the dead, and the dead can see him. They seek him out to help them. The lost. The Lonely. The departed. They never speak to him; they only ever demand his attention.

The ghosts are drawn to Usher, and he is compelled to help them in the hope that he might once again see his family. But sometimes, just sometimes, it isn’t enough and even his best efforts make things worse. Much worse.

His name is Thomas Usher.

He is an usher for the dead.

It’s who he is.

It’s what he does.
Coming in July 2010 from Angry Robot/HarperCollins
Just in are some wonderful blurbs from two of my writing heroes: Angry Robot