Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taking Stock

I have two mass market novels coming out this year.

Now there's a sentence I thought I'd never get to write. Two years ago, if you'd have told me I'd be in the position I am now, I'd have laughed in your face and edged slowly and carefully away from the mad person you clearly were.

But the proofreaders at Angry Robot are working diligently on Dead Bad Things (due out in September), and the copyeditors at Solaris are carefully picking through The Concrete Grove (due out in July) with their finest toothcombs. I feel privileged that this is happening. Far better writers than I struggle to sell one book to a mass market publisher, but here's me with a couple of them coming out before Christmas.

But rather that rest on my laurels (whatever the hell they are), I have work to do. I have other books to write. I've just started writing Silent Voices, the second in the Concrete Grove series of novels. I'm also outlining a SF/crime/horror novel for submission and working on The Quiet Room - my slightly mainstream Bad Place novel. Oh, and let's not forget the ongoing edits for The End, my short apocalyptic novel due out later in the year from Newcon Press. Then there are the short stories I'm writing. Always the short stories.


Poppet Author said...

aaaah, the sweet gift of ADD :D :P ;)

Poppet Author said...

aaah the sweet gift of ADD :) :) :P

Paul D Brazill said...

No, congratulations. Great stuff.Smashing times!