Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reviews & Interviews & General Pimping of Books

(Fig.1. A Pimp)

First up, here's a lovely insightful review of The Concrete Grove:

Next, here's a guest blog I did for my mate and fellow horror author Steve Lockley, wherein I witter on about my influences:

And finally here's another interview, this one quite substantial, with the excellent crime and horror writer Iain Rowan:

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Anthony Watson said...

Interesting articles and it's nice to see some of the programmes that influenced me on your list. I too have fond memories of the BBC's version of Dracula and bought the DVD of it last year. Glad to see that it's stood the test of time - it's one of the best adaptations I think. I also fondly remember a two part version of Frankenstein ("The True Story") with James Mason in it but it doesn't appear to be available in this country. BBC2 used to run a double bill of horror films on a saturday night too - a mix of Universal classics and more contemporary fare (of varying quality - "Night of the Lepus" anyone..?)
My affection for horror has always been a source of confusion to the rest of my family as none of them like the genre at all. I think you're just born with it (although watching "The Singing, Ringing Tree" as a very young child may have had something to do with it.
Oh, and I'm one of the hundred to buy "Dirty Prayers" - it's a stunning collection and "The Man In The Chimney" is possibly the creepiest thing I've ever read.