Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tales of the Weak & the Wounded

The sound of shuffling footsteps across the old cell floor…

A soft voice like a strange tune echoing along the empty corridors…

Dim lights in the windows of the abandoned asylum…

Discarded case files that flip open to reveal the dreams of broken minds…

Welcome to a place where the boundaries of fact and fiction meet.

My new collection, Tales of the Weak & the Wounded is now available for preorders from the Dark Regions website.

The book contains 17 stories, 7 of which have never been published before. There's also new material in the form of a linking Prologue and Epilogue set in the Daleside, a derelict mental institution long-time readers of my work will recognise from my first ever book Rough Cut.

Table of Contents:

  • Weak and Wounded: A Prologue  
  • Guidance
  • Diving Deep
  • Bone Bag
  • Those Damned Kids
  • Something Coming
  • Strange Scenes from an Unfinished Film
  • The Ghost of Rain
  • Teen Spirit
  • Cages
  • The Happy Place
  • The Leaner
  • Dead to the World
  • The Gone-Away Girl
  • What They Hear in the Dark
  • Survivor Guilt
  • When the Dark Times Come
  • The Nature of Things  
  • Weak and Wounded: An Epilogue

I'm delighted with this book. The cover art (by David Whitlam) is extraordinary, and I think it's my most varied collection yet. Thanks to Dark Regions Press for creating such a beautiful product.

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