Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bones and Dark and Best of and Running

I haven't posted anything here for a while. Sorry about that. Real life keeps getting in the way. I'm entering the final stage of my novel, The Bones of You, and have had a lot of personal and day job stuff to deal with. I'm also training hard for a half marathon that takes place in May. Lots to do. Stuff like blogging tends to get shoved aside.

Recently I had some good news. Two stories of mine - Kill all Monsters and Some Pictures in an Album - have been selected by Ellen Datlow for reprinting in The Year's Best Horror Vol. 5 (see below for a sneak peek at the glorious covert art). I'm delighted about this. It's not often that a writer has two stories in the same volume.

I've been approached by a publisher I've worked with before to do another short story collection. I can't say too much about this right now, because nothing's been finalised, but if it happens the book will probably be called Are We There Yet? Most of the stories will be original to the collection and will circle the theme of human emotion in the raw.

I also hope to have some news very soon about my latest novella, Reaping the Dark. Again, I can't say much about this, but it looks like the publisher I wrote it for is planning to buy it.

More news when I get it. Peace out.


Luke Walker said...

Good news all round, Gary. And that's a really nice front cover.

MRCosby said...

Interesting that you are a runner and writer. I think the two go together very well ... what half are you doing? What is your goal time? Cheers Martin.

Gary Mc said...

I'm doing the Leeds Half Marathon, in May. My target time is sub two hours. I reckon could do it in two hours now, so it's just a question of how much under the two I manage on the day.

Mark Matthews said...

Hey Gary,
Followed the breadcrumbs from Nightsiders to twitter to goodreads to here. I'm really enjoying Nightsiders, and also an avid runner (nothing takes you to the dark recesses of your brain like a 20 mile run). My upcoming novel is about a runner who gets taken hostage in a drug tunnel between San Diego and Tijuana, and is based on a very real run I took. Sorry if this sounds like spamming self-promo, but here's a bit about it: