Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My new novella, Nightsiders, has just been released by those wonderful people at DarkFuse Publishing.

I'm very excited about the book being available. It's the one I had no idea what to do with, the story that took on a life of its own and became something very unusual. I wrote the novella a few years ago and had no idea where to send it until the DarkFuse thing came up. I think it's found a good home.

The signed, limited hardback edition seems to be sold out already (to the DarkFuse book club), but it's available as an eBook. Exclusive to Amazon for the first 90 days, and then on other platforms after that.

Here are the links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Luke Walker said...

Congrats, Gary. Looking forward to reading this one.

Paul Campbell said...

WTF? Been checking the publisher's website for ages, waiting for the order page to come up, and now it turns out it's only available to 'book club' members?! (Never even heard of the publisher's 'book club'). Really annoyed: got all Gary's books, but now I've got no chance of getting this one. Don't do Kindle... besides, prefer physical books.

Sven Declerck said...

arghlll ... Noooooo ;)
Damn I wanted the Limited HC very badly. I was just checking today and saw I could only order the ebook. I've even sent them an email asking when the hardcover would be released...
This ruins my day :(

Do you have any info wether the Best horror of the year 5 will still get published? With the NightShadeBooks problems?

I don't want to miss out on any of your next books! ;)

Gary Mc said...

Sory, guys - that's the DarkFuse business model. In these testing days for indie publishing, it often pays to tread softly.

I have no idea what's happening with Best Horror of the Year re: the Nightshade problems. I'm sure Ellen Datlow will keep us posted.

Ross Warren said...

I managed to get a copy through Jeff N Joys Cooks. It looks like they have one more in stock.


Unknown said...

I got a copy from Camelot Books, in the US - they offer great service, highly recommended bookseller.
They still have a few available, as far as I know.