Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Bones of You

Here's the blurb for my latest novel, The Bones of You. Keen-eyed readers might spot a cunning homage to a couple of good friends of mine...

I love you…I love the bones of you.

This is a story about ghosts, a dead serial killer, and a man struggling to be a good father to his young daughter. There’s pain and pathos, love and hate, abuse, addiction and desire. It’s about love, duty, and the ties that bind people together.

It’s also the story of Little Miss Moffat and the Radiant Children…

Adam Morris moves into a cheap rental property in the suburbs. He’s divorced and gets to look after his daughter, Jessica, every other weekend as part of the deal. He’s a broken man trying to start a new life.

But when strange events start to occur in the run up to Halloween, Adam suspects there’s a link to the old, abandoned house next door. Soon he learns about a dead killer named Katherine Moffat and the terrible things she did to her victims in the cellar.

When Jessica starts talking in her sleep and shows signs of abuse – marks and bruises on her body – he isn’t sure if it’s his ex-wife’s junkie boyfriend or something more sinister causing her harm. And just who is the troubled young Goth girl who watches silently from the street outside his house?

As Adam uncovers more details regarding past events in the shunned, graffiti-covered house next door, he realises that he and Jessica might be in real danger. And before long he is caught up in a mortal struggle to prevent Little Miss Moffat’s lingering influence from destroying everything he is trying so hard to protect.

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Unknown said...

This sounds great, going along a sinister line again!