Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Bones of You

Finally, I can announce that Earthling Publications will publish my novel The Bones of You.

Here's the announcement from the Earthling website:

"This Halloween, celebrate the season with the latest entry in Earthling’s popular Halloween Series: Gary McMahon’s THE BONES OF YOU, a modern ghost story by a writer Graham Joyce calls “a spellbinding storyteller.” Edward Miller art graces the cover and signature page, and only a modest, limited print run of signed, numbered, Smyth-sewn hardcovers will be produced. As a bonus, folks ordering directly through Earthling will be entered into a drawing to receive one of a handful of signed copies of Gary’s out-of-print book THE HARM. THE BONES OF YOU is now available for reservation."

The book is a modern ghost story, a mystery, and possibly my most personal novel to date. Here's the beautiful cover:

I love you…I love the bones of you.

Adam Morris moves into a cheap rental property in the suburbs. He’s divorced and now only sees his daughter, Jessica, every other weekend. He’s a broken man trying to start a new life. When strange events start to occur in the run-up to Halloween, Adam suspects there’s a link to the old, abandoned house next door. Soon he learns about a dead killer named Katherine Moffat and the terrible things she did to her victims in the cellar.

As Adam uncovers more details regarding past events in the house next door, he realizes that he and Jessica might be in real danger. Before long, he is caught up in a mortal struggle to prevent the lingering influence of “Little Miss Moffat”’ from destroying everything he has tried so hard to protect.

This is a story about ghosts, a dead serial killer, and a man struggling to be a good father to his young daughter. There’s pain and pathos, love and hate, abuse, addiction and desire.

It’s also the story of Little Miss Moffat and the Radiant Children….

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Mihai A. said...

The cover is great, Gary! But I don't expect otherwise from the brush of the talented Les Edwards/Edward Miller.
As for your novel, I am sure that it is great. I just can't wait to get my hands on my copy. :)