Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Thirteen is an audio horror anthology edited by Scott Harrison. It contains a superb recording of my story Down. I listened to this last night and was completely blown away by the quality - it was wonderful to hear my story read by a proper actor and with proper sound production. Really impressive stuff, and there are a lot of great writers involved in the project. Apparently, if this one does well, there's talk of a potential series of these audio books...

So, if you're interested, the audio will be available to download as a 320kpbs MP3 from Saturday 24th August, from Spokenworld Audio. The price will be £9.99, and I believe there's a CD to follow.

Here's the full table of contents:

Side A:
Hidden Track(Part I) by Scott Harrison [read by Barnaby Edwards]

One - Dead Space by George Mann [read by Gregg Wise]

Two - A Girl Sitting by Mark Morris [read by Jilly Bond]

Three – Finding The Path by Kaaron Warren [read by Trevor White]

Four – The Hairstyle Of The Devil by Martin Day [read by Arthur Darvill]

Five - Down by Gary McMahon [read by Stephen Rashbrook]

Six – Tabula Rasa by Alasdair Stuart [read by Lalla Ward]

Seven – Half Life by Dan Abnett [read by John Banks]

Hidden Track(Part II) by Scott Harrison [read by Barnaby Edwards]
Side B:

Eight – With Her In Spirit by Stephen Gallagher [read by Frances Barber]

Nine – Visions by Cavan Scott [read by Michael Maloney]

Ten – One Hit Wanda by Kim Newman [read by Samuel West]

Eleven – A Glass Of Water by Mark Wright [read by Gemma Arterton]

Twelve – Ghost Pit by Simon Clark [read by Jeff Harding]

Thirteen – I Wish by Johnny Mains [read by Steven Cree]

Hidden Track (Part III) by Scott Harrison [read by Barnaby Edwards]
Thirteen is produced and directed by Neil Gardner

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