Thursday, January 1, 2015


So that was 2014.

As years go, it wasn't exactly a great one, but it was far from the absolute personal nightmare of 2013. In terms of my writing, it wasn't an easy 12 months. I spent most of the year wrestling with a dreadful creative block, managing to squeeze out a handful of short stories and a novella but stalling completely on the novel.

With this in mind, I've already christened 2015 The Year of Getting Stuff Done. I'm working on a novel, tentatively titled PLAYING IN THE DARK, that is part of a plan to kill off the creative block. I'm hoping to grade for my karate black belt before the end of the year. My wife and I have decided to move house one final time - an upgrade, a bigger house with the extra space we've suddenly found that we need these days. I'm approaching 2015 with cautious optimism. The world remains a grim, dark, dangerous place and I still feel that we're locked into some kind of endgame as a species...but I continue to strive to make my own little corner of this existence the safest and brightest place that I can for the ones I love.

I hope the coming year is kind to all my family, friends, and readers. Peace to you all.

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Luke Walker said...

All the best for the new year, Gary. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.