Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Terror Tales...

I'm delighted that my story Shall Not Be will be included in Terror Tales of the Mediterranean, edited by Paul Finch. This latest installment of the acclaimed "Terror Tales" anthology series is set to be released on Halloween from Telos Publishing and can be preordered here:

I started writing the story several years ago, during one of our holidays in Turkey. The messy first draft was hand-written in a notebook while I relaxed in the evenings over a glass of local wine.

The initial spark was the idea of Yabbel's Box, a phrase that appeared in my mind one day and wouldn't leave me alone. For a long time, I'd wanted to set a story in the area of Turkey where we'd stayed for three or four years running, and the story developed smoothly from these two starting points. It's one of my favourites. I hope you like it.

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Paul said...

You are awesome.
Please keep it up.

And for an amazing short story writer, your Thomas's Usher duo is fantastic. (half way through the second).