Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TTA Press Novelette series- THE HARM

The rather wonderful TTA Press have published my novelette THE HARM to launch a new series of smart A5 pocket-sized novelettes, priced at a recession-busting £5 each (plus p&P).

If you want this line of publications to go ahead, all you have to do is buy THE HARM. Make it a success. That way the publisher can continue the line of novelettes. Easy, eh?

“Gary McMahon is the baron of bleak, the godfather of grim...and I mean that in a good way. The Harm is a distillation of the essence of true horror. As uncompromisingly confrontational and as arbitrarily vicious as real life can sometimes be, The Harm casts a bright light onto the deepest recesses of the human soul and encounters nothing but endless darkness”

- Mark Morris

"I highly recommend this book. Gary’s prose is as rich as ever, evoking atmosphere in every detail, without drifting into excess. Along with the flowing snippets of dialogue, it brings colour to the bleakest of horror landscapes. There’s a few surprises, but rather than being a story that relies on shocks, The Harm delivers ice-cold realisation. Excellent."


Simon said...

Already got it, mate! And anyone who's not already bought it should do so. It's bloody fantastic. Nearly as good as watching 'Glee' ;)

Mark West said...

Started it today - very dark, quite complicated and surreal (the arms with Tyler and the tape with Roarke) and carrying a perverse air. Enjoying it so far.

And what's all this with "Glee"?

Anonymous said...

Mine arrived yesterday, and I must say it looks bloody fantastic. I'm gonna get stuck into it today, but truth be told, I'm already impressed by the design, and the price.

Gary Mc said...

Many thanks, Matthew!