Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work, work, never stops round here.

Saturday was Other Worlds 2 at Nottingham library, where me, Marc Gasgoine, Pete Crowther, Andy Remic and Gav Thorpe got to sit around and talk about writing and publishing.

What a great event. Everyone who turned up was keen and interested, Alex and his team did a bloody great job organising things, and we all had a ball. Between panels, I read from the forthcoming Thomas Usher novel Dead Bad Things, and it seemed to go down incredibly well in fact that all the copies of my Angry Robot books there on the day were sold. This made me happy.

Speaking of Usher, as well as working on Silent Voices, the second novel in the Concrete Grove trilogy for Solaris, I've started pecking out tentative notes for a third Thomas Usher novel. I kind of like this opening:
"I used to wear black all the time: black suit, black shoes, even black socks. My only concession to non-black apparel was the occasional white shirt beneath my plain black jacket.

xxxx (SPOILER)xxx had been slowly introducing colour into my wardrobe. It was an uneasy fit, me and the colour spectrum, but at least she was trying. The only time it caused a real problem was when she bought me a Joe Bloggs flowery shirt. No self-respecting man should ever have flowers on his shirt. It just isn’t right, not in my world. As far as I’m concerned, even black flowers are a no-no."

The working title for this book is The Night I Died. I hope that title sticks; I like it a lot.

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Sharon Stogner said...

I like that. I agree, men shouldn't wear flowers, not even the black ones :)