Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reaping the Dark - Book Release

This week sees the release of my new novella, Reaping the Dark. Published by DarkFuse, it's a story that combines elements of crime and supernatural horror to hopefully create an exciting, fast-paced piece of fiction.

Some inspiration came from a lot of the films I grew up with: namely The Driver (1978) and all those great demonic horror movies of the 1970s, but mostly it came from a literary source. A couple of years ago I was reading a lot of James Sallis. He was the guy who wrote the novel the film Drive (2011) was based on. I'd read a lot of Dennis Wheatley when I was younger, and I wondered if I could produce something that came across like Sallis writing a Wheatley type story. Thus Reaping the Dark was born...

A streetwise getaway driver…

A drug raid that ends in bloodshed…

A violent criminal hell-bent on revenge…

A secret order of occultists…

And something summoned from the darkest depths of nightmare.

Who will survive this long, dark night, and how will it change them? And what kind of horror will be born from the chaos left behind?

If the old adage is true and we reap what we sow, then only evil can be unleashed by Reaping the Dark.

Available now.

eBook: Amazon UK, Amazon US.
Limited Hardback (low stock): DarkFuse

Reviews are very positive so far:

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Paul Campbell said...

Got my hardback copy yesterday - looking forward to reading it! Surprised you haven't given a shout-out to the recent release of your two Usher novels as audiobooks, available to download from Amazon's sister company Audible. That is, erm, if the publisher Angry Robot has even told you about them!

Gary Mc said...

Thanks, Paul. I hope you enjoy it.

Yes, I knew about those audiobooks...I just haven't had much time on my hands lately to update this blog as mucg as I'd have liked. :-/