Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been a good couple of weeks on the writing front.

My latest novel - The Quiet Room - is now at the 13,000 word point. I'm still feeling pretty good about this one. It's going to be sombre and serious and hopefully very creepy, mixing a mainstream relationship story with M.R. James style scares. We shall see.

I've now finished the first round of edits on my novella Reaping the Dark. This one's a bit of a romp: my inspiration was the following question: "What if James Sallis decided to write a Dennis Wheatley story?" Hopefully you'll get to find out more about this soon.

I've also written a couple of new short stories. one of them, called Insides Out, I'm particularly pleased with. I have a potential market in mind for the story, so fingers crossed it'll see publication.

Here's a mock up for the novella my friend Mark West did just for laughs:

And here's a short teaser  from the Prologue:

Magic, like nature, will always find a way.

There are hidden veins and capillaries under the skin of the world, and the blood of magic moves through them. If one of these conduits is broken or severed, then the power flows elsewhere, charting a new course towards whoever has summoned it.

Because magic, especially dark magic, will always find a way to those who need it.


Luke Walker said...

Very interesting snippet of your prologue - especially the final line.

Gary Mc said...

Many thanks, Luke.